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 I took my truck in for a quote after a van hit me and J-R's was fantastic! They  quoted me right at around $2500 for the repairs. The insurance covered  every penny and they did amazing work. Absolutely no aftermarket parts-  staff was both helpful and knowledgable. They have experience in dealing  with insurance companies which is often a big perk. I would definitely  use J-R's again.  Joseph S. Rose City Park, portland

It's a funny thing, what we have been accustomed to dealing with when it comes to our vehicles.  We  pay so much for our cars and for the most part get pushed around when  it comes to getting them serviced.  We'll these guys are great!!  I took  my 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee in to get the right front quarter panel  quoted.  The other place I took it to told me it was going to be $1,300,  which was for a new part and paint match.  What they didn't tell me was  that there was a possibility that I could find a used one and that it  might match, which J-R's shared without hesitancy.   The guys at J-R's  not only looked at my Jeep on the spot, but they also gave me all of my  options right then.  I couldn't believe the service and the willingness  to help me out.  To prove that I would take my car back in a second...  My girlfriend got in a fender bender this last weekend and when the  doors opened Monday morning (Veteran's Day) they were just as friendly  and helpful about giving me a quote.    Both experiences have been  hassle free and over the top helpful. Austin C.  Bend, OR

Customer service done the right way  I  took my car in for repair after the deer decided to hit my car. That is  my story. I took my car to three different places in town for estimates  and to see if they all lined up with each other with what they saw  wrong with the car. Steve and his son were the only one to give me two  quotes fir the same repair. everyone else had given me quotes using  aftermarket parts to repair my 1 year old car. The fender if we used  after market would have had to be made to fit my car. My husband used to  rebuild and paint cars. He knew what it took to put on after market  parts and how they just never seem to match up exactly. We decided to go  with Steve and his son, because of their honesty and great work. You  can't even tell that a crazy deer decided to hit us. Thanks for you  great work and honest assessments.  Sonia  Bend, OR

 I felt I could trust them! I  was worried about my repair but they took the time to treat me like an  adult, explain what they were going to do, and gave me a quote I could  review. They did the work great-I couldn't tell I had been hit. The car  works fine--I have a full warranty--what more could I want.  I didn't  feel they were going to take advantage of me because I was a woman. They  took care of getting my rental car--dealing with the tow truck and  insurance company. I'd go back!!  Rose  Bend, OR

A year & a half ago JR s painted my 1989 Chevy truck and it looks as good today as when it left their shop.  Everyone thinks I bought a brand new truck! It looks so good!!  EXCELLENT, QUALITY work, I can t praise them enough. Super nice folks,  kind, professional and thorough. Highly recommend them, wouldn't go  anywhere else!  Gary  Bend, OR

JR's did a great job for us,  took care of all our concerns in a professional and efficient manner.  My husband would not have trusted just anyone with his favorite car. We  are very happy with the result.  Alison Bend, OR

I had a dinged up fender on my Outback fixed at JR s and I was extremely impressed.  These folks are super nice, know what they are doing, met their  schedule, and did a great job. They obviously took pride in their work  and showed concern for the cost. These guys are the best...highly  recommended! A++ (This almost sounds too good...so, rest assured, this  is indeed a real review.)  Posted by John on March 07, 2012. 

Fixed my car like new!!! by No more huge dent for me!!- 02/12/2012
My 2007 Honda CR-V has a huge foot long dent on the back  passenger side. I found it after coming out of a store soon after I  bought the car. I've been living with it and decided to have it fixed in  Jan. 2012. JR's was recommended by a couple of people, but I got a few  other estimates as well. Decided to use JR's because of the reasonable  price ($350.00 less than one), but also because he was very easy to talk  and work with. They did a beautiful job and blended the new paint where  I can't tell at all. On their own and without additional cost they also  repaired a smaller area near the site they worked on. I was very happy  with the body work and customer service. I would highly recommend using  JR's Body & Paint, you won't be sorry!!

jr's is the best by deb -08/18/2011
Had a Chevy trail blazer and they fixed it twice. Did awesome work.  Great people. as much as I liked them I had to let them know the second  time around I hoped I wouldn't see them again. Well traded in the Chevy  for a Subaru. Here we go again. Glad they are there for me so I know it  will be fixed right!  Deb  

You would be crazy not to take your vehicle to Jr's Great job!!!!! byMartin -07/09/2011
I have an 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. I had put a couple dents in my  truck along with breaking a tail light and my right mirror. J.Rs was  highly recommended and I'm VERY, Very glad I took my truck to them. They  took pictures and talked to the insurance company and got my truck  scheduled in. They went above and beyond. I was so impressed with the  quality of work, the staff and keeping me informed of what they were  doing. They matched the paint exactly and shot my truck box also. My  truck looks better than before the incident. They fixed things that they  didn't charge me for and I was almost speechless when I saw my truck  for the first time. If you need work done on your vehicle you would be  CRAZY not to take it to JR'S. I will NEVER take it anywhere else. They  even washed my truck before they gave it back to me and I'm a VERY happy  and extremely satisfied with JR's. Thank you Steve and Steve and the  rest of the staff. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!   Martin  Bend OR

I am only surprised by something once in a while. My friend told me to go to JR's when I had an accident because they had  treated her with respect and she felt she could trust them. Right! When  was the last time I thought I could trust a mechanic? She went on and  on so finally I went, and I'm glad I did. They were completely different  from what I imagined. It was clean. They took their time with me. They  treated me like an adult--they didn't talk down. This place seems to  care--I drove past it a thousand times before I needed it and never paid  any attention. They say they have been there for 26 years, and that's  probably true--I've seen them for at least 20. The good thing is that  they stand behind their work and they do good work. I might worry about  how some guys may try to take advantage of me with my car, but I don't  think these people ever would. I feel I can trust them, and I am sure  you can too. I will send everyone I know to JRs if they need help and go  back if I have to too.  fastgranny  Bend, OR

You can trust them to do the job right!. After  hitting a deer I went across the street from where I was having a  pizza--I'd seen the shop before but never thought I'd need one. The  office was clean and friendly. The staff was immediately attentive. The  guy that looked at my truck knew his stuff and in a few minutes I was  sitting at his desk, reviewing the estimate and work on the computer  screen, getting a detailed explanation of the whole thing. He asked for  my insurance information and explained my rights--he contacted the  insurance company and car rental agency. The following week I dropped  off the truck--was taken to pick up a rental, and five days later my  truck was returned to me. I couldn't tell where the damage was a week  earlier. The color matched--the fenders were straight--the hood was  fixed. I was pretty impressed. The had cleaned and washed it and even  polished out a couple of problems that had bugged me but that I was too  lazy to do anything about and had NOT mentioned to them. They fixed them  anyway and there was no charge. I was worried after the accident that  there would still be problems--but they had found some stuff that they  had not seen initially and fixed it--the insurance paid for it. They  gave me a written 100% warranty on the work for as long as I own the  truck--and I am going to own it a long, long time, so I'll see how long  their work lasts. Honestly, I could not be happier with the choice i  made or the work they did. I hope I don't have to go back--but i will if  its necessary. I have no problem referring anyone I know--anyone in my  family--to the shop. they did a good job and you'd be crazy not to check  them out if you need a shop. A class act with classy people who really  seem to care about the customer and the work that they do.

Quality Excellent Some girl ran into my car on the 2nd day of school at COCC. There was a big scrape and I got an estimate at honda which was way too pricey. Went to JR's and they gave me an estimate of nearly half the price. Service was done in only a few days. They did such a good job it's like my car is brand new. They even cleaned some of the interior it appears. Great service I would definitely recommend this place.   John Peters  
 Overall Excellent

I have used JR Body & Paint on 2 different occasions over the past couple of years and have been very pleased with the quality of the repairs as well as the service and timely manner in which the jobs were completed. The bids were extremely competitive and the quality of the work is the best of the best. The "Cramer Boys" are hard workers and committed to excellence. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. Debbie in Sisters
Overall Excellent Fallowing my deer mishap I was so grateful for JR's Body & Paint Works. I was recommended to them by the driver for American Towing and knowing they were a trusted company within the community trusted their suggestion. I'm so very glad I chose to! Over 10K in damages to my vehicle and every detail was taken care of no problem. In fact I got my vehicle back two days sooner than promised and they even noticed that I was in need of new windshield wipers and replaced them NO CHARGE! They went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with the work that was preformed on my vehicle and even walked me through the whole process before and after so I have an understanding of everything that was done to my vehicle. I was given a 100% satisfaction guarantee to go with the work and still have yet to use it I know that the quality of work received from JR's will not require the use of this warranty and I firmly believe that's why they offer one. I have used them for all my collision and repair needs now and my family and friends have as well! What a great company to do business with!
Overall Excellent Steve and they guys at JR's have always taken care of any of my automotive paint needs. Street cars, race cars, even custom paint projects not related to the automotive industry. When their work is finished, you can absolutely expect the highest quality and most professional result. Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work!!
Overall Excellent I have used JR's since moving here in 2006. After diminishing the deer population a number of times, and having repaired 3 cars for my teenagers, I cannot say enough about this shop. Everything was repaired perfectly and colors were outstandingly matched. I am a "girl" when it comes to my Acura and Steve is the only body shop in town that I will take it to. Every time I have needed them, the JR "crew" has been there for me. I don't know what the problem is with the person that is writing negative reviews about this shop but I have always been pleased and will continue doing business and referring friends/family  A Google User  
Overall Excellent Great Service!! The staff at JRs was awesome! My Honda sprung a leak and I had anti freeze everywhere. I needed the car ASAP as I was traveling out of state. The guys came through with a new radiator and a clean engine compartment and I was on my way. They were very professional and the quality of work was evident and the price very reasonable. I would recommend JR's to all my friends for great service and a job well done. Thanks JR.......Jim
Overall Excellent Had work done there twice, great place both times.
Overall Excellent These folks are concerned with doing the highest quality work imaginable, and they take the time to explain everything to you in detail. 

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