Flashback Cruz 2012:

 Once  each year, Bend's Drake Park fills up with 500 or more automobiles and  trucks that have been lovingly restored or customized by their owners.  All vehicles have to be pre-1975. At this year's show there were three  examples of the work we do at our auto body shop.

The 'Loved Chevy Truck'

 This  pickup has been in the owner's family since it was purchased as a new  vehicle in 1968. It is now in the great grandson's hands and he really  loves it. The trailer and all of the rest have been collected by him in  his magnificent obsession and it has to be seen to be believed.

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Type Three Volkswagen Fastback

 This  rare Vdub showed up on a trailer, dissembled, rusted, and the property  of an owner with a picture in his mind of what he wanted and what he  knew it could be. We worked with him and the vehicle has won awards for  paint. It is a deep, plum-colored metallic--almost black. When the sunlight hits it, though, it comes to life.

LCpl Randy Lee Newman Memorial (1985-2006)

 We  painted Randy Newman's truck in his school colors before he went to  Iraq. He never made it back. His sacrifice and memory are kept alive by  his family in this memorial. It speaks for itself.