Why We Stand Out From The Rest

  • We use the latest diagnostic technology 
  • Independently owned and operated 
  • We give a lifetime warranty on our work--for as long as you own your vehicle! 
  • I-CAR gold rated auto body shop. Trained on the latest technology with the latest repair methods. 

You've Been In An Accident-Now What?

 The automobile is usually the second  largest purchase we ever make. We drive it day in and day out. It is a  part of our 'family', getting us to school, work, and all the places we  need to be. When it is damaged in an accident and we need help. Our  initial reaction is: "What am I going to do now?" Will our insurance  company treat us right? Will the auto body shop do a good job? Will my  car be safe and work the way it did before the accident? At JR's Body  & Paint Works, we have the answers those questions. 

Let Us Help

 We go to bat for you with the  insurance company and make sure they pay for all the needed auto body  repairs. We use the latest technology to assess the damage to your  vehicle and make sure nothing is overlooked. We give you a lifetime  warranty on our work to put your mind at ease--as long as you own the  vehicle we stand behind our work. We'll fix it right the first time and  get you back on the road. We want you to feel confident and comfortable  that when you choose us as your auto repair shop, you know you made the  right choice. 

Where you repair is YOUR choice!!

 We work with every insurance company and on every make of car. You have  the choice, by Oregon statute, to have your vehicle repaired AT ANY AUTO BODY SHOP YOU CHOOSE! Some insurance companies will try to convince you otherwise--direct you  to a body shop of their choosing. They will tell you a certain body  shop is the only place you can go if you want the insurer to pay for it  or if you want a warranty. That practice is called STEERING and it is AGAINST THE LAW! You  own your car, you pay for your insurance, and you have to live with the  results of your choice. Choose the best auto body repair shop that has  your interests at heart--not those of the insurance company. You can  take any estimate to any body shop and the insurer will pay for that repair. Make your choice based on what's best for you.